• I'm in, I have been doing raw till 4 this year, but I think 2021 should start off differently. If it goes well maybe I can get back to fully raw indefinitely, it is nice to see this community is back, I've been a lonely vegan since finishing college 5 years ago so it is good to have some support again. 

  • Yes I am in, been raw til 4 for a while. Just need to get a good few weeks of fully raw to make it my new routine.

  • ok awesome! get some bananas too :) i just updated the challenge with heaps of helpful links, check it out!

    30 Day Frugivore Diet Challenge starting 1st Jan, who's in??
    so i was thinking a good way to support you on your frugivore/HCRV journey is to have a 30 day challenge and what better time to kick off then Jan 1s…
  • Good on you! Me too! Can't wait :D <3 

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