so i was thinking a good way to support you on your frugivore/HCRV journey is to have a 30 day challenge and what better time to kick off then Jan 1st 2021! i have been on board the frugivore diet since April 1st (and fruit-based for 14 years) and i will commit myself to this thread to help support you and answer your questions as best as i can. you could post what you eat here everyday (with pics if you want) which will help keep you accountable. doing 30 days on the frugivore diet or a high carb raw vegan diet is going to be a wonderful way to start the new year with a fresh light spirit and positive outlook. there are infinite free resources on this site if you need meal ideas or more motivation, just do a search in the thousands of discussions or photos. you can also check out my recent "what I eat in a week on the frugivore diet" or else my updated book go fruit yourself has meal planners and 32 of the best raw vegan recipes or the 80-10-10 Diet by doug graham is also fantastic. ok, so here we go! who is in??

here is a free pdf that was originally made for the 30 bananas a day website but will help on this challenge, you can download it by clicking here> FrugivoreDietBrochure.pdf


  • this is a raw living foods challenge so no cooked food is to be consumed or posted here in the thread. please share your raw breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner here and preferably with your calorie intake. 
  • please use to work out your calorie intake. females aim for 2100 or more calories per day (2500 is best). males for 2700 or more (3000+ best). 
  • please go out and buy a box of bananas and a box of dates to begin with!

* BELOW is a playlist below of 30 videos i made in 30 days about succeeding on a raw food (frugivore) diet, please watch:  

FREELEE'S RAW FOOD BOOK (with 30 of the best raw food recipes + much more):


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So what is The Frugivore Diet?

the frugivore diet is a fruit-based diet that best suits the human frugivores physiological requirements. this includes a living foods diet of mostly sweet and non-sweet fruits, leafy greens, some vegetables, nuts, seeds. if you would like to learn more about a humans basic anatomy in comparison to other frugivores and non-frugivorous animals then check out this comparative anatomy chart i revised. you can click on the picture for better quality. 


here is a simple infographic i put together many years ago that still applies today. i would just replace pasta with yams when it comes to optimal back up food. 




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    • it didn't hit right? there is so much fear propaganda around these cyclones, im sure the media loves to beat it up. 

      • just crossed the coast as a low...plenty more rain just for something completely different :'D Oh definitely Freelee!! I'm sure they do it to boost the economy a bit...everyone goes to the shops and buys sh*t tonnes! My son and I live in houses that aren't closed in...all we had to secure furniture and put all our rugs away and stuff so they didn't get trashed..just in case...has happened to us before...Yasi hit us bad O_o 

    • Yikes! Stay safe!! 

      • Thank you Jules :) <3 The cyclone headed a little more south than us so just expecting loads of rain now...just for something completely different! :P Big love. 

  • I keep forgetting to post lol 😩

    I've been eating dates and bananas basically until dinner and then at dinner I have a huge salad with a bunch of different veggies! Tonight I dared to try and make raw sushi but the cauliflower rice was meh so I basically just did veg wraps with avocado with nori sheets! Super good. I also made some trail mix with some dehydrated fruits and a lil walnuts and almonds. It's a good work snack for when I can just grab a mouthful and go. 🤘

  • Hey! what happened to everybody? 

    I'm going to continue posting because it keeps me on track. 

    Breakfast: Smoothie 8 bananas, 6 dates,  blueberries and celery. 

    Honey crisp apple. 

    6 mandarins.

    Mixed greens, cucumber, tomatoes, bell pepper and half avocado with raw ranch dressing. 

    Cronometer: 2070

    • Still here!! Posting late today!

      I had loads of berries (blackberries and red raspberries) today and about 10 Cara Cara oranges. For dinner I had a big kale and 1/2 of an avocado salad again. I added some pico de Gallo to that but it turned out to be a bad idea 🥴 It was yummy but too many ingredients for my digestive system. 😋

    • I'm still here reading along. Honey crisp apple sounds good. I I have been sticking to 100% juice, mainly oranges, for the  last few days. Haven't been posting my diary as is just a constant repeat. The bloating I was experiencing is slowly disappearing. I'm sticking to the the number of calories just in a juiced form 🍹

      • I bought $49 worth of oranges per in my weekly shop :D And bananas and nectarines and apples and all my salad stuff! So love it when my fridge and fruit shelf are full <3 

  • Anybody have any suggestions for a superfood fruit that will help with constipation?   I am doing all raw but had to have surgery yesterday and haven't been able to go to the bathroom.  I've had 16 bananas today and am hydrating with water like crazy. 

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