• On his site he says he drinks a glass of water every week at most. I can't imagine!
  • Here is a youtube vid with Jim at age 72 still doing what he does!

    • Idiots want a cheesburger and cheesecake.

      No wonder I don't watch much tv with stupid talk like that.

      Take Care,
  • totally inspiring thanks :)
    • Do you know how long he has been eating hrv?

      I'd Like to know too, it say his diet from May 2010 on website, and there is a video from 2007 that says he is hrv, so I'm curious too
  • Jim Morris (born August 31, 1935 in Brooklyn New York) is an openly gay[1][2] African-American bodybuilder known for winning competitions over a thirty-year career. Among the titles Morris won are: Mr. USA (1972), Mr. America (1973), Mr. International (1974), and Mr. Olympia Masters Over 60 (1996).[3]
    Morris, who still trains everyday, as of 2007,[4] has been bodybuilding since Sept 1954. From 1974 to 1988 he was Elton John's personal bodyguard.[5]
  • Even my boyfriend, not vegan or raw, can't wait to try the blended drink he has every day!
  • another raw vegan bodybuilder...less big, but still fit
    • this guy (from germany) is actually raw vegan for almost 20 years now. he has written some stuff about building muscle on raw diet on his website as well (in german, unfortunately).
      Durians Rohkostseite - Muskelaufbau mit Rohkost - Seite 1
      Hier erfahrt ihr mehr über die natürliche und ursprüngliche Lebensweise und ihren geistigen und ganzheitlichen Aspekten die wichtig sind, um ein glüc…
      • If you use google chrome to access the website (its a browser just like explorer) it can translate it for you. It is not perfect, reads like someone speaking with a german accent, but readable.
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