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Bonjour again! Not much success on WWOOF Latin America...

If you are also on the holistik, spiritual, plant based/animal friendly permaculture, off grid, straight path, holla at me and let's make a difference in this existence with good vibes and hard work and no fear of the klowns/hoaxes to disturb the for

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7 Replies · Reply by Taim iz a Hoükz! FLatörth Viganik PermakuLtür! Le' Go! Aug 12, 2021
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How do you handle cravings?

Its been almost a month, I've been fully raw. So far, I haven't had cravings. But today, I had some intense cravings for some dense food. I didn't fall off the wagon, but I am just wondering - how do you handle cravings, without using willpower?


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6 Replies · Reply by Jay Jan 30, 2021
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