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Anyone living in Ecuador?

My partner and I are greatly considering moving to cuenca or outside of Quito next spring. Any advice you guys might have on where to move and where it is safe would be greatly appreciated.

I don't want  to be in the middle of the city. I don't mind e

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Big Fat Super Athletes


Humans mistakenly think lean and mean is the way of great athletes. But the reality of animals living naturally in the wilds is just the opposite - big and fat is how super feats of athleticism are preformed, and while on a tota

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Tons of dates!

Hi there! Haven’t posted in years!

i was sure where to post this, or if something like this is even allowed, but I have 22 lbs of dates that I received this week from the Date People from Palm Springs, CA. They are a mixed seconds variety (medjools, D

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