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Best vegan retreats ?

Hey spunks - have been working really hard and feel a bit of burn out setting in.

Thought I would research some vegan retreats out there? I'm based in Australia, so ideally around this end of the earth type thing?

Any recommendations?

cheers, tams x

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Facial brushing damage?


does anyone know if facial brushing can damage skin and whether this damage can be reversed with High carb low fat raw vegan diet?

My skin was lovely and since ive dry brushed my face my face now has broken capillaries?

Has anyone had good results dr

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How long on the lifesyle?

I am curious how many people have been 100% on plant based dier for more than 2 .years.

My experience is the successful people take at least 2-3 years to make the transition, those that do it overnight are not still even trying in 2 years.  

Those that

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How is this site doing?

I have been popping in to see whats up several times a year for a lot of years, and a few years ago, discussions were being replaced with new ones within hours, often the topics were “pages away” by the next day, and now discussions started a month o

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