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Beet Lasagna


Made an almost completely raw vegan lasagna, inspired by Laura Miller's recipe over at sidesaddle kitchen. I changed some things around, namely removing the olive oil and replacing the pesto with a tomato sauce. As long as you use the cashew cheese s

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Desperate for Dressings!

Hey everyone, I love salads with tons of veggies, but I have not found a good low fat raw vegan dressing that I like. I used to do creamy asian dressings, or balsamic vinegar. I'm not really digging just lemon juice and I've tried blending up peppers

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Veggie Soup Recipe!

So I got very inspired by Freelee's raw till 4 spicy soup recipe, and decided to make my own soup today. On a whim, I grabbed what I had on hand and began making it. The soup/stew (it's very hearty and chunky) is awesome! Delicious, fat free, salt fr

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Fresh Durian in Canada?

Hi everyone, I have never eaten Durian, I live in Ottawa, Canada. Living 80/10/10 is frustrating when you live here... i watch all these videos of the rest of you going for run's and bike rides on the beach. I would like to say I am happy for you, bu

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Smoothie Recipe

So I've just recently started trying to incorporate the HCRV lifestyle this week, and while I still need a lot of work...along the way I have discovered a smoothie recipe I love! Before, I would make a smoothie with well intentions, but it would take

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