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I'm in the army mos is is 11B and I'm stationed in ft. Drum New York. I'm in a scout plt and I am on my feet all day walking and running many miles sometimes carrying weight up to 100lb on my back. It is very cold here sometimes reaching -20°F and th

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School lunch dilemma

So, as it goes, I'm currently only vegetarian but slowly moving over to vegan. As it is, school lunch is a problem. I pity the lunch ladies fire the system they're forced to abide by, but I'm pissed at them for believing the hype. My biggest problem

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World War Zero

*Disclaimer* "We" is meant to represent a generalization of society, of humans. Please do not take this offensively or personally, as it is not specific, and should not be applied that way.

Humans...there is something strange about us. Something beyon

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