..a banana question

..Just wondering about bananas wich is most of my calorie intake living here in scandinavia... Do the organic ones have enough nutrition when they are not havest ripe from the tree (becouse of shipping ). I always eat them very ripe but am just wondering how much nutrition they would have when they are not fully ripe on the tree when havest .(I do eat leafy greens , cucumber, tomatios, bell peber and grapes, dates ,melons , organges in sesons but always daily bananas to make up my calorie intake .... and they are easy to digest for me .isabella

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  • many bananas need to be picked before they change color on the tree because they will actually split open and birds will eat them. they could definitely be left on a bit longer than the ones that are shipped though.
    the ones which can be tree ripened will taste better i must say.
  • Hey,
    I, too, have been wondering this as well. So this discussion sparked me to do a bit of online research.
    here is a bit of what I found:

    Grown in the warm, humid tropics, bananas are picked and shipped green; contrary to nature's norm, they are one fruit that develops better flavor when ripened off the bush.
    ...but I also found a comment from a person who said she climbed a tree in Brazil to pick a tree ripened banana to tase for a difference, and she said it was the best banana she ever ate.

    this is from Wikipedia:
    The vivid yellow color normally associated with supermarket bananas is in fact a side-effect of the artificial ripening process. Cavendish bananas that have been allowed to ripen naturally on the plant have a greenish-yellow appearance which changes to a brownish-yellow as they ripen further. Although both the flavor and texture of "tree ripened" bananas is generally regarded as superior to any type green-picked fruit, once natural ripening has commenced the shelf life is typically only 7–10 days, making commercial distribution impractical. For most people the only practical means of obtaining such fruit is growing it themselves, however this is also somewhat problematic, as the bananas all tend to ripen at once and have very poor keeping properties.

    this was someones response to an article about the goodness bananas posses:
    A much better (and infinitely more nutritious) possibility is to buy the dried bananas sold in health stores (e.g. Holland and Barrett). These are the bananas that were altogether too immature to ship, so they're left on the trees, gathered and peeled when they fall to the ground, and then laid on rush or bamboo matting to ripen in the sun. These bananas are small, rubbery and wrinkly, but they do contain all the goodness, vitamins and minerals of tree-ripened fruit. They're also remarkably cheap and compare very favorably to the supermarket prices.

    I really couldn't find anything else specific to tree ripened nutrition, although I did find that the protein contend increases by about 50% in fully ripened banana vs unripe or partially ripe bananas.
    If anyone else finds any information about it, I would really be interested to know, too.
    • Thak you Radical cara

      Interesting !! :-)

      so the 50% more protein in fully ripe bananas is that also when they ripe at home or only on the trees?
  • hi,
    from what i found out, there are way too starchy, if it is a constant problem, I suggest ordering a couple cases and starting a ripening process. If you are burping up banana taste an hour or more after you ate them (considering you combined food properly) , or getting acid reflux , there are way too starch. When you hold up the bunch , they should almost be falling off.You might have to eat papaya for a couple days (which are cheap and a great alternative) or find the best non Dole commercial bananas you can. I like to buy to discount ones if I can . The the are usually totally ripe and cheap , and most of the money is the going to you grocer. Its worth asking your grocer if the are doing anything with the organic ones the deem over ripe. You'll feel better and get more nutrition from a ripe banana . I know from experience how uncomfortable it is to deal with digesting unripe bananas. Since I dealt with that issue , all aspects of my life are better. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong at first until I talked to my friend , who is a self proclaimed banana snob. So now your new problem will be with fruit flies!!!

    LOl , and good luck
    • Banana snob, ha u crack me up..your becoming quite the fruit expert yourself Kyle..c u @ the market bro:)
    • Well I believe the poster was referring to bananas that ripen on the tree. Dole bananas that you buy in the store are chopped off the tree when they are green aka not ripe. She, and I also, are curious to know if anyone knows if there is a difference in nutrition between tree ripe bananas and store ripe.
      • yes you are right john Lemire . I ment that most bananas also the organic ones are picked green- not naturally ripe on the tree .... I have no problems with eating bananas becouse mine is always very ripe !!! just wondering how much nutrition there would be in them when they are not ripe on the tree!! sooo BanjoKyle you misunderstood my question but you are right not good to eat unripe bananas
        • sorry , I should have read more clearly
    • "You might have to eat papaya for a couple days (which are cheap and a great alternative)"

      Not cheap in Scandinavia. :\
      • yeah , I suppose . How much are bananas there? and how is the melon scene? by the way , some bananas take 2 weeks to ripen. I've been more choosy when I purchase them now. After a while , you can tell which ones aren't going to want to ripen so easily. They usually have a dull greenish gray tint. I guess they do last a long time , but even almost all green ones seem to ripen faster. I'm still working on this myself, but without good , plentiful , reasonably priced bananas, and ripe bananas , I would find 80 10 10 almost impossible here in Madison Wi USA !!
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