A LOT OF Low Fat Raw Vegan recipes! :) (free)

Hi, everyone.

My name is Tiasha and I would like to invite you to my website shinewithnature.com. I post A LOT of low fat raw vegan recipes! :)

http://shinewithnature.com - feel free to say hi! :)

Some of the recipes over there:




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  • Hi, I went to  your site but only saw one recipe. Are your recipes available 5yrs. later?

  • These look so good! I'm down with it :)
  • thanks tiasha! signed up for your mailing list and looking forward to trying some of these recipes :)

  • YESSS!!! Thank you! Love your recipes! 

  • Looks amazing.

    Thank you so much. :D

  • I love this
  • Wow, some amazing and yummy looking recipes and some great photos as well. I really enjoyed your site and added it to my favorites and will share it with family and friends. Thank you so much for sharing these awesome recipes with us!!

  • I posted a new recipe! (actually a lot of them, but this one is the latest) ;)

    This is raw Raspberry Roulade with Coconut Cream. ♥



    Raw Raspberry Roulade with Coconut Cream
    • amazing! thankyou for shaing ...:)

  • thats amazing :)
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