Acidic Fruit Limit?

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 Majorly blessed finding Freelee and the community here on this website. Been eating mostly raw for 2 week so far and am loving the benefits! More energy and my acne is almost all cleared. Not sure if this is the write place to ask questions but I was wondering if there is a limit on acidic fruits for the day? I looove pineapple, oranges, kiwi, grapefruit and I also put whole peeled lemon or limes in my 10 banana smoothie because I love that sour taste. Recently I had a teeth cleaning and my hygienist said I have too much acid in my diet and it could cause holes in my teeth. She was talking about eating a balanced diet meanwhile I clearly see shes overweight as I roll my eyes. Is acidic fruit anything to worry about? Or am I worrying for nothing?


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David Gyore

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  • I would suggest you to test the PH of juice from the "sour" fruit and asses from there how much enamel softening power it could potentially have. I don't think It's wise to build a diet on very sour fruit since you will very likely also have a carbohydrate deficiency (not much sugar in very sour fruit except if they are sour and sweet, not common though).

    Dissolution of enamel starts from about PH 5.5, but even if you test fruit and it's below 5.5 don't panick, the juices are mixed with your saliva and that increases the PH as human saliva is on average between 6.7 and 7.4.

    Remember that the PH scale is logarithmic so Sulphuric acid that coca cola contains have a lot lot more dissoving effect then a fruit at 5.5 PH.

    And as soon as you swallowed the fruit more saliva enters the mouth and reduces the PH on the surface of the enamel. If you are worried you can make a mouth wash with a little bit of bicarb soda and water and swosh in your mouth afterwards, this will most likely bring up PH in the mouth. Please avoid brushing teeth right after eating as this could cause erosion of the enamel since you are using something that could be "grinding". Wait about 30 min for the PH to rise properly.

    In the salaiva there's calcium etc, that increases the PH in the mouth fluids so the body have a system for this. If you are healthy your body re-mineralises the teeth on a continual basis, that is if you have enough saliva (dry mouth can lead to rapid enamel loss on any diet), if you have dry mouth really focus on correcting that. Drinking water to increase mouth moisture won't be the answer since the tap water won't have the chemical properties like saliva. Your mouth gotta be moist with saliva.

    Please make sure you are eating fruit that are ripe at least and preferebly picked mature at the farm (but I know this is very hard to find in most urban areas ).

    Please consider bigger meals rather then grasings, this let's your mouth equalise the mouth fluids and have long periods of steady PH, most likely will benefit your teeth long term.

    In my experience fruit is great for teeth health as fruits have a cleaning effect, the fibers act as a floss, moisture sofens anything stuck, and most fruits are not sticky like starch or fat based foods that are often slighty dehydrated or baked/fired.
    I no longer have tartar built up on the inside of my lower front teeth, I had amounts of that long time ago when I where eating a paleo diet, the worse diet I ever had for my teeth.

    The vitamin c will help you have healthier teeths also as it's vital in collagen production, I know of one man who had severe enamel loss and teeth loss from following a "only meat diet for some time", he most likely developed slight scurvy from the diet and the teeth suffered.



  • Hello
    The results of your diet are good, I'm glad your acne is disappearing, however, what about your teeth catches my attention, without a doubt the sour fruit has an exquisite and unique flavor but I think you should balance the acid flavor a little that everything in excess always has consequences, it is my opinion that I can offer you

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