I love both animals and science. One way to make me angry is to harm animals with pseudo-science. Animal acupuncturists and chiropractics have done just that. Watch the below videos for an in-depth explanation on why these practices on animals is immoral.

"In fact, other than testimonials, there’s really no good evidence that acupuncture does work in animals. In fact, acupuncture isn’t much practiced in veterinary medicine – a distinct (but very vocal) minority of veterinarians may practice it." David Ramey on June 8, 2009


What’s the Harm?

The risks of chiropractic care in humans fall into the usual categories for harm from alternative therapies; direct harm from the treatment and indirect harm associated with irrational belief systems and avoidance of truly effective care. Of the adverse effects documented in humans, the most significant is that of strokes associated with cervical manipulation.(8) There is no research evaluating the direct risks of veterinary chiropractic, so we can only speculate on the safety of spinal manipulation for animal patients."Veterinary Chiropractic

Brennen McKenzie on April 12, 2013

The lack of evidence for these techniques on animals in appalling. Both in effectiveness and safety. Spread the word that acupuncture and chiropractics for animals is a load of quack.






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  • a anagram for dog is god. who is the servant? who is the master?

    "It’s estimated the US pet industry reached $99 billion in 2020"
    "300 million pets in the US"

    "In a new study from Lending Tree, it has been found that a whopping 42 percent of pet owners have put themselves in debt in order to give their animal the best lives possible. In fact, there is an entire category of financing that is strictly related to our furry friends."

    looks like another form of coercive taxation to keep humans in perpetual debt. pets are not vital to human life. pet, a domesticated animal kept for pleasure rather than utility.

    in nature we live with animals in symbiosis and we interact with them on equal terms. as soon the idea of owenership of another animal attaches to the human mind then those are bound to be forever confused with the question,
    who is the servant? who is the master?

    regarding aqu.p. and chiro. for animals. the fact is that these medical proccedures can cost , as much as $85 per session.
    and consider "The average cost of food per month for the typical American household is about $550."

    the cost of these treatments is huge. the animlas do not have a chance to consent to the treatment (in fact they could get hurt). and animals get diss-eases of human characteristics when they are forced to live among humans (outside of their habitat).
    have you ever seen dogs doing acu.p. or chiro. on each other in the wild? seams like they thrive in the wild anyway after all.



    22 Fascinating Pet Industry Statistics & Facts for 2021
  • Not the “brightest bulb”, obviously has strong opinion and does not know enough on either subject to have a clue as to how much they do not know on the subject.  Kinda like meat eaters who think you will suffer permanent health damage if you go a day without meat...

    • why don't you present the contradicting evidence rather then cast a ad-hominin onto the OP.
      this forum is about helping and not getting above others.

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