Allergy to Certain Fruits....Help!

Hi everyone!

I noticed this has been posted before but it's been years, and I would love to have a current discussion about it - I am VERY new to this lifestyle, and I already have roadblocks because my husband and sons eat meat and have made it VERY clear to me that they will not change. I pray my health and behavior changes will hopefully bring them over there, but right now, I'm focusing on caring for me. That being said...

I seem to go into a mild Anaphylaxis (tongue swelling, itchy throat and ears, etc) whenever I eat bananas or any pitted fruit (peaches, cherries, dates, plums, etc...) This is harsh for me because I LOVE fruit and I am wondering if my allergy is just simply from decades of poor health and eating, along with all the crap they add in foods these days. Can an allergy like this be reversed? I would love to hear stories about this because I'm not going down without a fight. I WANT to eat these fruits....

I am also throwing up a disclaimer right now that anyone commenting on this is not a doctor, nor is giving any information on cures. I am desperate to eat healthier, and I feel freaking defeated whenever I try to eat this fruit. :(

Thanks in advance! :D


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  • allergies to different foods definitely exists as i have one myself to certain tomato varieties and will sometimes get mouth ulcers as a result, even when 100% raw. there can be many reasons why.

    it's rarely the fruits fault but the environment the fruit is going into.

    the reaction you get may be influenced by the other foods you have in your digestive tract at the time of ingesting the fruit. 

    yes, your system may be compromised from years of incorrect living. possibly an inherited weakness. it's worth noting that certain vaccinations can even change DNA expression and how our system functions. that's not to say you cannot heal. it may be useful to get a full blood panel to see if anything stands out.

    what has your diet like before embarking on this raw food journey?


  • Hey Bridget,

    it's weird, I get a swollen and sore tounge when I eat mangos.  It took me the longest time to realize this.  I would mix mango chunks in my morning smoothies along with greens and coconut water and just loved it, but by the evening my tounge would start to hurt and the sides swell.  I though perhaps I was low on my B12 and /or Iron cause that can cause a swelling sore tounge.  But then I went a bit without mangos because watermelon were in season and the issue cleared up.  When mangos came back in, I started with my smoothie routine and almost instantly my tounge issues started again.  Then I connected the dots.  It sucks cause I love mangos and I still indulge every once and awhile but as soon as I do, I know later that day, I'll be walking around with a sore, fat, tounge.

    • Girlfriend I know this reaction all to well! I'm fighting through it!!!!

  • poor thing! I wonder if it is the chemicals that are sprayed all over these fruits that is causing you these issues...maybe you could try washing them before you eat them in a bowl of filtered water with a tablespoon of bi-carb of soda mixed in to it? I work on conventional fruit farms...I know how much poisons they spray around! It's worth a shot I reccon...

    • I usually do wash them, but I usually usey tap water, and let's face it, it probably has just as many chemicals! I am hoping one day to afford a Berkey to have filtered water all day every day!❤️❤️❤️

      • Oh yeah...tap water stinks! I have creek and rainwater here and I filter too. 

        Good luck with those issues Bridget! Will be hoping for the best for you :) <3 

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