Always Hungry

So I've been doing LFRV for almost 2 weeks now and have felt incredible. My skin is glowing, my energy is crazy, and I've been losing weight slowly but steadily without really trying too much. However, on some days I find myself really hungry and even when I eat, I'm still hungry or I get hungry again shortly after I ate. I tracked my calories and have been having between 1100-1400 a day, which should be fine for my height and weight. Any tips or ideas on how to get rid of hunger on raw foods?

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  • Most people easily spend around 2000 calories in one day just by living(limited thinking, exercise, etc.), impossible to survive on less calories than you are spending, so if you don't start to intake more, then eventually your body will have to binge in order to even out the calorie deficit. Eat up and you'll feel a lot better :)
  • Thanks for the feedback. I was just reading some of the material on this website, and wanted to make it clear that I did not intend to offend anyone. I got to the section about calories and realized I may have already committed a slip-up on calorie restriction unintentionally. I come from a background of restricting calories but am open to trying this approach. (It's actually exciting to think I could eat 2500 cals of fruits & be okay!) I am going to try over the next few days to get in more calories from fruits and see how I feel. Thanks.
  • ur supposed to get no less than 2500 cals/day if you are female. and thats minimum!  eat more fruit! and definitely get the book, it will help you a lot
  • Eat more :)
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