• With all the allegations that Anthony Colpo is a steroid user Im surprised he wouldnt come for a TT with me up Norton Summit. I mean its not like he is 120kg bodybuilder or anything. His excuse is he weighs 75kg lol! Lance Armstrong weighed that much when I rode up Norton Summit with him in 2009 lol!

    I can just imagine Lance saying 'Hey DR, would love to go riding with you but too heavy at the moment...'

    I rode past Anthony Colpo this summer up a local climb. He was red faced and puffing. I smiled and waved but don't think he noticed me. 

    I put out the olive branch a long time ago and all he said was 'piss off wanker!'.

    What a nice guy.

  • Darren is banana's. I didn't want to debate with Colpo, but show him we're not afraid to. He is just taking away from people who could be fruitarians.  I suppose most people won't listen anyway..

  •  "George "I eat up to 70 bananas a day.." What a Jackass!!! The caloric value of a large banana is approximately 120 Kcal and contains about 600 mgs of Potassium. So this wacko, claims that he digests up to 8400 Kcals and 42 grams of Potassium per day, without crapping his pants every 10 minutes and all this with a body-weight of 66 Kilos!!! Plus, the maximum daily intake of potassium is around 4 grams. Larger quantities can bring up intestinal problems, diarrhea and heart rhythm disorders. Well actually, 42 grams per day can bring up death!!!"

    ^ LMAO uneducated.

  • I live in Adelaide and know of both DR and Colpo. I have much respect for DR and nothing against Colpo other than believing his diet methodology is not as ideal as the 811. 

    To be honest, I do think we gain nothing from getting into "my diet is better than your diet" debates with Colpo or anyone else. To the outsiders it just looks a bit weak and does nothing to add credibility to our dietary views. I believe it would be fair to say most of us had different dietary views at some stage in the past and would have defended our diets of the time equally strong as Colpo. I lost 15kgs a few years back on a low carb diet. So I thought it was awesome. I have since learned that the fat loss was as far as the benefit went and that I couldn't train adequately and my health would ultimately suffer if I continued. My point being don't blame anyone for believing in their diet. Let us just be positive examples and not give them cause to criticise 811 or vegans in general as a defense response.

    Afterall his diet is better than the big mac day he may figure out that a fruitarian diet with a little b12 shot is the right way to go...but it wont happen as long as we give him cause to defend himself.

    Anyway that is my view. I am not normally the peace and harmony vegan hippy type but maybe there is some of that in me after all :)

    DurianRider, if you ever want someone to ride with on one of your cruisier days drop me a line. You are clearly a better rider than me but you did say if someone wants to become a better rider then ride with someone who can drop them! (p.s. I want to become a better rider :)

    • For Darren. Would be great to go for a chill spin when Im back in town. :)

  • When I learned Colpo was a local rider I sent him an email inviting him out for an easy spin. Lots of people dont want to train with me cos Im so fast on the bike so they are scared of just trying to keep up all day with me. What they dont understand is that even though Im so fast, I DO like to ride VERY chill most of the time ESPECIALLY with newbies like Colpo.

    I enjoy taking out newbies around my training grounds of Radelaide as it got the best roads on earth variety wise. Colpo was too scared to come out with me for 2 reasons. Cos he didnt want to get dropped by me (even though I wouldnt purposely do that on an easy fun ride with a newbie) and 2, he is scared of guys that drive Nissan Skylines. I dont know if its a mental thing or a symptom of mad cow disease but man, I take 12 year old kids  out in the hills that Anthony Colpo is too chicken to ride up.

    Then he turns around and acts all elitist like he could own my ass on the bike ( he could if I took my wheels off and my pedals too). Reality is, Anthony Colpo couldnt keep up with me for 15 seconds on a climb once I put the power on. He is one of those cyclists that owns 10 SUPER light weight bikes but never rides in the hills. He is one of those people that spits on the hand of help.

    I put my hand out to show a newbie some world class training grounds and he spat on it. Im not talking it personally. I know I could drop his ass on any climb or even in a flat road sprint. I aint got nothing to prove. Just wanted to help out a fellow cyclist.

    I put the challenge out to Anthony Colpo on a few cycling forums and he has my email but he never took me up on the offer. Fair enough if he thinks Im a wanker but why not challenge me to a TT up Corkscrew Road Anthony? You a wussie? You soft? A you a soft poser that spends more time on ebay buying crap your not even fit enough to justify and when you get the chance to go see some new roads, you make up some crap about me being a wierdo?

    A weirdo that could drop your ass on any climb, any day of the year brah.  I can out bench press you, out run you too. I promise I wont put it on youtube. I guess thats what you were scared of, me putting a vid on youtube of your puffing and red faced and me riding with no hands eating a banana and looking like I havent even warmed up yet.

    Vegan deficiency in your face bro. ;)

    Gimme an email, lets go for a spin next time Im in town.


    PS: Put up some photos that are not 8 years old bro! 

    • PS: Put up some photos that are not 8 years old bro!

      i tried to help out here dr so i looked for images on google. you can do the same by going to google and typing anthony colpo and then clicking images. however, i can't tell what is what there and who he really is since i don't know. but apparently he can lift weights and this is the only pic i found of a weight lifter:


      however, that creature isn't a corpse eater so i don't think it is the correct one.

      here's something more interesting though. it seems these guys are fighting with each other:

      Isn’t It Time For Anthony Colpo to Get a Life? (freetheanimal)

      Anthony Colpo: a man obsessed (eades)

      don't know what this is all about because i can't be bothered to read it. just going to their blogs jammed up my firefox browser. must be the cholesterol.

      in friendship,


  • It's like they say. People who eat bad FEEL bad, and thus, Act like UN-intelligent dick wad's.

    • LOL do they say that? They certainly should!

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