• Good marketing I reccon. Probably dried with heat and no more nutritious than any other berries you could get if possible. Berries are expensive where I least $3.50 for a tiny punnet of conventially mouthful for me :'D I used to buy Gojies back in the day but I reccon you're better off with fresh stuff if you can. Dried fruit might be a good back-up for at work or whatevs but it's just as easy to throw bananas, apples, mandarins and dates in a lunch box :'D 

    Big love <3 

    • I absolutely love blueberries and strawberries, but they too are expensive. Though nothing comes as close to Goji berries in terms of cost.

      Today marks 30 days of me eating raw. The one thing that I learned this month - going raw is definitely not cheap. Of course, we can say good health means no hospital visits, and hospitals are mind bogglingly expensive, especially in the US. So it kinda makes sense to spend a bit more money on food now, than spend a lot of money on healthcare later in life.

      Still, going raw is not cheap, at least not in my area. It is annoying to have to pay $2-$3 for a single mango, which is not even that good quality :( 

      The only fruit that is available all year round, cheap and easy on the stomach - Mr.Banana! the king of all fruits



      • I can totally see how it would be hard and expensive in some areas O_o I'm just lucky cos I get loads of fruit through the year for free either off my own trees or from my parents and neighbours and cheap at roadside stalls. Everyone knows I'm a fruit bat so they look after me :) But we have those prices in the shops too...$3 for one mango! I have always prioritised fruit when it comes to my $$ tho...I don't smoke, I don't do drugs, I don't drink, I buy clothes only from second hand stores, I don't buy or wear jewellery and live minimally in every other fruit shelf and fridge tho...they're always chockers :'D If capsicums are expensive and cost me $16 a bag I don't fresh produce comes first :) 

        Are you going to continue on the raw? Can you get good dates where you are? And is salad stuff realistically priced and accessible? Frozen berries are cheaper here for us and I sometimes buy them for smoothies...maybe you could too? <3 

        • Me too - I've never had a drop of alcohol in my life, never tried drugs etc. My biggest expenses at the moment are rent, followed by food. 

          I kinda wish I lived in an area where it is easy to get good produce. Ah well, maybe summer will be a bit easier, I hope. Winter is always a pain.

          I am planning to continue raw as long as I can. I'm looking at making some concessions to myself (one cooked meal a week and green tea once a day is my current thinking). I realize that it is better to be 90% raw forever than swinging between 100% raw and going back to cooked/unhealthy food. I am still learning, I understand it takes a while to undo decades of damage to the body. My body is going to heal at its own pace, however impatient I am.

          How long have you been raw? What were your struggles when you went raw the first time?

          BTW, thank you so much for answering all my questions. This is why the raw food community is awesome :) Someday I hope to have as much knowledge as you, and pass it on to newcomers :)

          •'re a sweatheart :) I have been high raw many, many there a wee bit of hummus or dark chocolate. And I always drink peppermint tea all year, every year :'D I grow the peppermint. I do solid stretches of fully raw for weeks at a time and juice feasts a couple times a year. This 30 day challenge was easy for me cos I've had a lot of practice. It's when I go all fruit and no salads or nuts that is the challenge tho...think I said to you before that that's where the body really has a chance to heal imo. 

            In my experience if you eat mostly raw and feel like adding in a wee bit of cooked, you will still get great benefits. Like I will have a fully raw meal but a little hummus on the raw crackers. As long as it is mostly raw I don't have any issues. Up that percentage at all and massive sore throat and mucous instantly and head ache next day. 

            I never really had any struggles cos was so used to eating fruit all day anyway...for practically my whole life. My mother is a fruit-bat too :) Had a cooked meal at night but eventually that made me feel shit so dropped that too. 

            You're very welcome! I love my vegan brethren so much! Big love coming your way across the ocean! <3 <3 <- (see, there it is :D) 

            • Forgot to say that when I do eat a cooked meal...rare these's sweet potatoes or red potatoes. Can't remember the last time I turned on the stove...long time :'D 

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