• Its not a diet bro. Its a lifestyle. :)

    IF you want MORE views then hold your camera horizontally so you don't get the black bars in your videos and give your video a proper title so it hits SEO better. :)

    • Thanks durian, just catching your post in the local library.

      The second video can't fail to improve!!!!

      You mean don't use a generic title like Raw Food but be more specific.

      It is a bit of a lifestyle if you want things like mangos, but I think it's very doable if you have bananas & dates.

      When you say lifestyle are you hinting at the sacrifices, negatives that I have mentioned, challenges beyond just controlling your inner drive for stimulating but not healthy food.

      I'm checking out your latest video :)

  • I posted a video on youtube, had no viewers yet.

    Did Freelea get sent down?  I know there was a court case, been away for 3 years or so.

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