Anyone in Ohio Doing HCRV?

Hey, just putting this out there-are there any low fat/high carb raw vegans in Ohio? Particularly anyone doing the 30 day Challenge ( although it's OK if you're not, too)? Just curious, because I'm in Cincinnati, OH and I'm finally meeting at least some vegans but still don't really know anyone doing raw or 811rv style. I've been transitioning to this lifestyle, but now (especially with Freelee's 30 day challenge), I'm really giving it a serious shot. It would be really cool to have a 811rv buddy.

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  • Thanks for all the support here, guys. It's good to know there are at least some of you out there near my neck of the woods. I've been doing alright so far at getting the food I need, but if anyone has any ideas of good places to get produce, I could always use ideas! Also, anyone know where you can get medjool dates around here? I ordered some online but it would be nice to have a store I could just walk into and buy them sometimes.

  • i'm from cleveland. I'm already 90-5-5, but good luck!

  • Hey! I live in Cincinnati. And I, too, haven't met anyone doing 811. I am not doing the challenge, but still follow the lifestyle hardcore. Let me know if you have any questions about where to find produce, etc. -Stacy

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