I don't like the taste of them and am trying to look for any high carb alternatives. This will probably be helpful for a lot of other people who aren't that into bananas and dates as-well. :)

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  • Papaya, Mamey sapote, and anything else that's in season and local to where you are.

  • For me eating juicy fruit is next level on this diet.  So if you're sick of bananas you're ready to graduate.  Let me think, did any other plants succeed apart from bananas/dates in the game of life?  Well NASA sent the curiosity rover looking on Mars.  Mission, find a banana replacement to help a humanity oversold on bananas.

  • Lucuma.  Not sure where you live but in the US you can buy it in powder form.  It is very starchy and sweet, high calorie and so filling!  And it's delicious!  It's a big expensive but I get it in bulk from Earth Circle Organics.  I add it almost every banana or date smoothie I make but you could add it to other kinds of fruit as well.

  • Have you tried naturally ripend bananas? they are totally different in taste and texture from then chem. grown chem ripend ones in the store.

    I know it can be hard to find natural fruit in a urban settlement, but once you try a natural cavedish banana you will probly love it. and there's hundres of other banana verieties, even red skinned ones that tastes great!

    it's hard to recommend specific fruit when we don't know your climate zone, maybe figs grow where you live, maybe mango, manby you live in a temperate area and there's mostly stonefruit or apples etc. Even though we have acces to the year around summer thru global market it's wise to source as much local and in season as possible. consider storing apples etc from summer harvest over winter, if you can get hold on some natural apples in the summer and store them they will taste batter then most in the supermarket during the winter, many fruits store well for long periods.

    frozen berries are great to, jsut make sure to have lots becuase most have lower carbohydrate content then bananas. why not forage wild berries in summer and fill a chest freezer for winter :D


  • oil free raisans, figs, grapes, fruit juice, non calorie dense fruit with syrup to up the calories.


  • dried veganik grown mangos from terrasoul and not gassed or sulfured fruit like the organic fruit in stores or conventional sewar sludge grown krap :)

  • Keep trying dates... you might find a variation you like.


    As long as you personally can eat a lot of whatever fruit then its high calorie.   

    • ya i agree there's lots of dates, they are good for storing too and not gassed or treated with chemicals like most store bought food or gassed, and most seem to be  grown veganik if organik


  • Even though I love dates and bananas I love dried figs even more. If you've never tried them you really should. 

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