Anyone on here in Hadley, MA area?

I ask because I was on the phone in the parking lot at the Whole Foods in Hadley, Massachusetts the other day and I saw a 20 something yr old looking guy loading a box of bananas in the trunk of his car.....and I was just watching in a stunned state and didn't run up and say hi LOL.  

Plus I just want to have some good old fashioned fruity fun with like minded peeps :)

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  • ya i liv right near there!  are yU still on this?

  • me i live in downtown Noho!! that wasn't me though lol :/

  • Wasn't me, but the checkout clerk at Sam's Club asked me which smoothie shop I worked at (2 boxes of bananas = about 150 total).  He wasn't quite sure what to say when I said they were all for me.  I didn't mention that was only enough for one week :D

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