Are all fruits the same?

I've read quite a few ppl comment on blogs and the forum with respect to water rich fruit vs. starchy.  Many have reported loosing weight, and improving athletics by replacing their bananas with more water rich fruits like oranges for example.

I am curious if there is a difference between raw food carbohydrates.  If one person ate 3000cals worth of bananas, one ate 3000cals worth of oranges and one ate 3000cals worth of veggies, and they all trained the same, would they get the same results over time?


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  • I feel about a million times better when I have lots of juicy fruit-things like bananas and such weigh me down bad.
  • do you know why this is?

    • Not sure of much, but I do know from a trainer at a gym, that a water diet is what helps some guys get that six pack. So maybe water (oranges) is better for muscles?
  • Yeah, of corse I think getting a range of foods is best in order to get a range of vits and mins, but I was wondering if ppl could comment on their own experience. I know Arnstien talks about optimal performance coming from water rich. What has worked best for you?
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