I noticed nearly everyone fell off the wagon and started eating cooked food. I can't find a single fruitarian left! 


I am finally a full fledged fruitarian after a LONG journey with cooked food addiction and now that I have finally conquered it, I am not able to find a single full fledged fruitarian 100% raw left and I REALLY need influences! 


Does anyone know any fruitarians who are legitimately still going strong without cheating on cooked? Anyone. Even people who I won't be able to reach.

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  • I am a 7 year full fruitarian. Certainly there must be more out there.
    I also have created a fruitarian center where raw vegans, frugivores & fruitarians can experience full fruitarianism and heal.

  • I am a long-term "100% raw" vegan in existance! (or so I delude myself... about the "existance" part, that is)

    Fruits are my staple! (and humanity's, - in another, finer universe)


  • Its not always "falling of the wagon".  I was doing great until I was falsely arrested and assaulted by police.  And then the tax man came visiting.  Everyone has a plan until they get punched, quote from a boxer.

    • "Everyone has a plan until they get punched"
      That's a good one!

      Hopefully you are well now paul

      • Thanks, you too.  Had vertigo last year, but its my habit of using a pick in my ear.

  • do you mean people who eat fruit only (aka fruitarian?) or raw fruits, greens, nuts and seeds? because there a decent amt of long term raw foodies

  • There are some, like Mango Wodzak and his wife Kveta Martinec, also Alan and Jannette Murray, who ran around Australia in 2013 as raw vegans. 

    I'm sure there must be others, but I don't know if "LONG" term (like over 10 years).

  • it seems like most people that's on a long term fruit based diet or frugivore diet (fruits, leafs, tender sweet roots and seeds) resort to the tropical jungle with spotty internet connection:D they are out there, just not so much on internet.
    Idk for fruitarians (only fruit diet as I define it) since it's not easy to sustain long term.

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