AU PAIR- Can I still be a Rawtill4 Vegan??

Hello everyone(:(:

So I'm going to England in September to work as an au pair with a wonderful family. They are super active and eat 100% organic food (not vegan though, hopefully I can change that hehehe) and I know its a bit early to be worrying about this, but would anyone suggest their opinion on how I could continue being a carb-smashing vegan while living with another family across the world?

They will be paying for my food and doing most of the grocery shopping, I wouldn't want to impose on them by asking for so much food- like a trip to the grocery every few days to replenish my fruit stash- the way I do at home hehehe.

I'm probably overthinking this a lot. Im considering trying the starch solution maybe while I'm there? Has anyone been in this position?


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  • I am an au pair in Aus right now. I know exactly what you mean by not wanting to impose on them. For the first few months I ditched raw till 4, but then I realized that it is very easy to do even as an au pair, I just hadn't given it a try (I however did do starch solution for a while and it was much easier however I just prefer raw till 4). Now I do fork out a bit of my ownmoney if fruit stashes are running low, but all in all I make do with what they have. I have been living on basically the same simple foods everyday. Apples in the morning (they are cheap here and they are always in the house), apples and bananas, or a smash of any fruit I can scavenge for lunch, and rice with frozen veggies and lemon juice for dinner. I do not pay much attention to food combining though, since I don't have much variety. I will say that I miss my home dearly, and I am so excited to go back so that I can have my abundance of food again. My family also has the most HORRIBLE blender and NO FOOD PROCESSOR, so I haven't had banana ice cream for almost six months :( :( :( Yes I know, how do I live? 

    But all in all it works because I want it to. If you have any questions just shoot me a message!

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