I have been "intolerant" to avocadoes for a few years, and so haven't eaten them in a long time (like two years) and I just had one yesterday with no problems whatsoever. I can't believe I have forgotten how delicious they are. They are the raw fooders butter, let me tell you.

Who else loves avocadoes?

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  • So buttery I love them. I find half a day the most I should have due to cals but they are lovely and filling.
  • I have noticed the same... I seem to get very puffy when I eat overts: Water weight for sure.
  • The avocados that have been around lately have been very watery tasting not creamy at all.
  • I have had a lot of avocado cravings in the past year off and on, and I'm wondering what it is about that that I crave so much. I don't get cravings for any other overts such as nuts and seeds, cocounts, or oils. And although I would say that I enjoy the taste of avocados I wouldn't say that they are my favorite tasting food by any means.
  • I love em! I'm trying to eat some almost everyday. I feel much better when I include them.
  • I enjoy a good avo when I can get it. The best Ive had is off Clints farm. I make the most of em when I am there. Still, these days I can eat em like I used to as I dont find em as satisfying as sweet fruit. I remember in 2005 having massive bowls of 10 plus tree ripend, rock dusted, hand selected avocado's with skraut, raw salsa etc.

    They are my preferred source of increasing body fat if I find my body fat levels are dropping too fast from heavy training periods.
    • yepp, they increase body fat pretty quickly on me too. But after a couple days the fat appears to melt off. Thats whats nice about a juicy fruit diet. =)
  • i LOVE avocados. they are so good when they are perfectly ripe! SO creamy!
  • They are luscious for sure :)
    Unfortunately I do better without them, once a month is optimal these days.
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