Best spots to buy fruit in Australia?

Hi all,

I'm doing a tour in Australia in April, and I would be greatful if anyone could give me the names of some places to find some deals on fruits. I've been there twice before on tour, but not since going fruitarian. I'll be hitting these cities:








I'm happy to hear about vegan and raw restaurants, smoothie/juice bars etc, but I'll be traveling with an Australia vegan in the know, so that's not so much of a concern as is trying to find a place that just sells quality and/or cheap produce.



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  • I don't know it sucks! Mind you my family usually buys 30 to 40 kgs at a time (every fortnight), so we get a discount from the awesome organic farmer....think he normally charges $3.50 for regular amounts.  Come up...we'll hook you up :D 

  • Cairns! No doubt! One of the best spots for fruit worldwide! Awesome selection, variety, quality and prices! 

  • See now...if you were coming to Cairns that would be easy :D Rusty's market in Cairns would serve you well every fri, sat, sun and every small community up here has its' own farmers market, usually on the weekend. Many tropical fruits grown locally...also potatoes and sweet potatoes. Have a great trip! Let us know of your adventures :)

    • Thanks! I would love to go there, but we won't be going that far north this time!

  • I pay $2 per kilo for the most delicious organic ducasse bananas in Mission Beach :D 

  • All good, thanks. Are any places better than others to buy fruit?

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