Bingeing On Dates in a Healthy Way

Hello fellow fruit lovers,

I would love to have some feedback on something. I've been struggling with restriction and trying gain weight for years now. I currently have a bmi of around 15.3. Tonight, after eating my dinner which was around 800 calories, I gave in to my desire to eat more and had a crazy awesome 1500 calorie date binge! Almost one whole box of those fresh Iranian Dates! I wondering, when and if this sort of thing happens again, which hopefully it will, would it be better if I drank extra water or ate some extra greens or something to make up for the high density of the dates? Curious to hear what people think.

Thanks, Dareios

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  • I'm not quite sure what you're asking.

  • More water is almost always good. More greens is almost always good. More greens definitely aren't necessary, but more water is.
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