Body image issues

So I've always had a small chest even when I had a belly before starting my healing fruitarian journey. I was told that they can grow again if I heal my hormone problems. I think I was also stunted in my height. I'm 5' and have always been shorter than both of my parents. I also became disabled at a younger age than my mom did. My disabilities have healed a lot over the past 8 months. I was told I could grow taller when my endocrine issues heal. Does anyone know if that is true? I just want to feel like an attractive healthy woman. I was abused a lot growing up so am trying to be more confident as well. This diet has helped me have more confidence. I have one person irl who is supportive of me on this journey and even became fruitarian as well. I'd like to have more fruitarian friends if you're interested. 🥰

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