If you are also on the holistik, spiritual, plant based/animal friendly permaculture, off grid, straight path, holla at me and let's make a difference in this existence with good vibes and hard work and no fear of the klowns/hoaxes to disturb the force of Truth.


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  • anyone in the northeast 'usa'?   lets meet up, share a ride or bike.  anyone familiar with the maine bow (rainbow gathering) in maine?  that's not some 'lgbt' shit right?

  •  i'm in. now just gota find a ride there somehow lol.  email me for more details?

  • Are you looking for somewhere in Latin America to go to volunteer? We accept volunteers at our place www.terrafrutis.com :) Mostly raw, fully vegan, vegan permaculture, drug free

    • Email me

  • Hello. I've decided to move to Mexico, to live off-grid in the jungle (probably) growing fruit. If it weren't for my flying phobia, I'd be packing my bags right now. I only decided this for sure a couple of days ago, and lack info on Mexico. I should be able to get a permanent residency visa. I really need to know the best places for growing fruit, and the places to avoid.  

    • Look for areas with high rainfall and decide if you prefer highland climate (cooler) or lowland climate (warmer). The soil you will most likely have to rehabilitate so don't focus to much on finding areas with fertile soil, rain fall is more important. Also areas with forest and jungles around have more stable climate du to the buffer of the forest. Less flodding and dry winds etc.

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