But what if you hated fruit your whole life? =[

I've been trying to get myself to do this diet since 2012 now, and here 3 years later I still have those days I go out and buy a box of bananas, intending to eat 20 per day and then when I get the fruit in my mouth I can barely even chew them disgusted with the taste and then give up. Is there something I can tell myself? Some encouragement?

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  • and anyone who has come from a Sad diet, must not start exercising too much without decreasing calcification of the arteries first, which can be done via a lot of citrus

    perhaps even getting scans done beforehand to check out the arteries for plague/etc build up, and after having enough citrus for a while, getting scans done again to see if the calcification/plague build-up of arteries has gone down

    prevention can save lives, all it takes is someone with excess calcification of the arteries exercising too much, to end up in the hospital or worse from a heart attack/etc

    It was upsetting to see Harley taking steroids as an experiment, which increases the risk of heart attacks.  He's clearly important for the vegan community, and we don't need him putting his life at risk for some study.

    We already know steroids are bad for the health, that's all we need to know.  We don't need other studies done on them in regards with living beings taking them.

  • Do you not like the taste of ALL fruit or is it just bananas? If it's just bananas then I'd say try to find a fruit you do like and start from there. Sometimes it takes people a while to like certain fruits.
    • It's mostly bananas but most people recommend banana island, and banana island sucks for me. Yet I really want to love bananas.

      • My friend Ra Zitrone from Vancouver was the one who started the concept of 90-5-5

        And even he disagrees with that now & eats as much fat as he wants to.  

        It was just a misunderstanding...  It's not that fat is bad, it's that having fat with no water & a small amount of salt to aid with the digestion of the fat, causes digestive issues.

        The body needs the water & salt to create HCL in order to properly digest fatty foods, whereas, high water content high carb fruits digest very easily without the aid of extra water & small amounts of salt.

        In fact, lightly salted peanuts with a cup of warm-hot lemon water is way easier for me to digest than white rice (not that there is anything wrong with white rice, I eat as much as that as I want)

        It's good to choose a fat that has higher water content such as avocados/durians/etc, and even certain varieties of avocados have higher water content than other varieties

        I guess it's called the 'eat as many plant-based high water content carbs as you want to + make sure to have citrus liquids & small amounts of salt with fatty plant foods' diet

        • You're right, overt whole plant forms of fat aren't bad, and you and Ra may eat as you wish, but when making dietary recommendations to people, make sure to note our guidelines.

          It's easy to gobble 50% or more of daily cals from fat if you "want to" or feel like it.  

          We recommend a maximum average of 10% because that leads to the best health and performance longterm.    

          • let's say Ren can physically only handle getting in 1300 calories from carbs per day

            Then what?  

            Would you rather her have 50% of her calories from carbs & 50% from fat (with water & small amounts of salt + citrus drinks) for a total of 2600 calories, or would you rather her only have 1450 calories per day from 1300 calories of carbs + 150 calories from fats?

            I think it's better to suggest guidelines that involve doing the best someone can do, giving them ways to digest fat easier, rather than people ending up only having 1450 calories a day because they can currently only handle so many carbs in a day

            A lot more people would be interested with more flexibility on fat, with the guidelines of making sure people know to have water, tiny amounts of salt, plus citrus drinks with fatty plant foods

            I don't think it'd be wise to miscalculate the amount of people in the world who can currently only handle 1300 calories or so of high carb fruits per day, yet can get in enough calories if they add in more fat (in a smart manner) to their diet.

            • I understand that you're pulling these numbers out of the air since Ren has given no such details, but I'll roll with it for one more post.  

              A diet of 50% fat will drastically slow digestion, impede circulation (renowned cardiologist Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn doesn't even allow overt fats for his chronically ailing patients) and generally make you feel like a slug.  

              So yes, I'd rather have someone learning to eat appropriate amounts consume as much as they desire heavy (80%+) on the carbs, even if it is 1450k, then gradually and progressively increase that amount by eating just a few bites more each meal.  The body will adjust and acclimate quickly.  

              And since you re-mentioned it, while folks may choose to consume salt in various forms for taste or similar reasons, it is not something we allow to be recommended as a prescriptive.  The body is perfectly capable of creating it's own HCL when treated well through proper lifestyle habits without the addition of overt salt.  

              See more "whys" here:


              • So yes, I'd rather have someone learning to eat appropriate amounts consume as much as they desire heavy (80%+) on the carbs, even if it is 1450k, then gradually and progressively increase that amount by eating just a few bites more each meal.  The body will adjust and acclimate quickly.

                This is what 30BaD is all about... the high carb, low fat, high calorie lifestyle.  That's what people are here to learn and/or support each other in doing. 

                People who want to discuss other lifestyles are free to Take it somewhere else

              • one of the links http://www.rawfoodexplained.com/condiments/specific-condiments.html 

                on salt on this site says "Salt (sodium chloride) cannot be used by the body to meet any of these mineral requirements. Salt is an inorganic mineral that cannot be metabolized by the body...."

                The link below this paragraph indicates otherwise, and why would they lie about it, when they need cows growing as fast & big as possible for profit? The salt increases their digestion of food & nutrients, and is obviously used by the body.  And yes, salt works the same way in all mammals, cows just happen to have more stomachs, so they can probably handle more salt.  I will work on looking for a scientific journal on salt increasing the nutritional uptake of cattle, which I'm sure I'll be able to find, as that has to do with money.


      • I can only eat 1-2 yellow bananas a day + I can't eat the spotted ones, no big deal.

        Your mindset right now in regards with eating is really messed up & set for failure.

        It's great that you're being inquisitive : )

        Eat *whatever* high water content plant foods you want to, whenever you want to.

        Even if you have non high water content plant foods, such as avocado rolls/lightly salted nuts/seeds.... just have liquids with them & make sure to try & keep your salt intake balanced (not too much, not too little)

        Keep it fun with different vegan sauces for potatoes, sushi rolls, etc

        This is the most important part... Make a list of your favourite fruits, and keep those in your fridge/freezer, and keep a bowl of fruit beside you where you are at the most (ie. a table beside your laptop, etc)

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