Ive been eating a high fruit raw breakfast, a SAD lunch, and a fruit dinner. Could i be experiencing detox symptoms. My head hurts. Im starting to act kind of weird also like eccentric behavior. I have behavioral health issues but they've never show themselves until now. Is it possible to have detox symptoms while eating 50 raw and 50 sad. Any explanations and experiences welcome

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  • Yes, depending on how bad what you gave up was for you...

    For instance, (not applicable in this case) an alcoholic or drug addict eating 100% SAD can have intense, almost life threatening detox when giving it up “cold turkey”... 

  • How long have you been eating this way?  You might try adding new foods or meals into your diet one at a time to see if you may have an allergy to something or if you don't digest certain things very well. Sometimes if your digestion is slow or sensitive it's best to eat fruits and vegetables in the first two meals then the slower digesting meal last.

    I can see an early, easy to digest breakfast working with a slower digesting early lunch with a late fruit dinner six to eight hours later working for some people.  It depends on what you eat and how well you digest it. I would keep experimenting. Good fruit combining helps.

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