Carnage (2017) by Simon Amstell - The World in 2067

here is a movie brought to my attention by angelkate rose:

it is cleverly done and addresses many of the issues present-day activists are dealing with. the essential synopsis of the movie is to show people in 2067 looking back in horror at the horrors we have seen for decades brought about by factory farming and so-called free range movement.

simon amstell "lives in London. He is Jewish and openly gay which occasionally features in his work.[29][30][31] He is a vegan and teetotal."

in friendship,


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  • I can't watch got this message. "This video contains content from bbc, who has blocked it on copyright grounds."

  • I love animals and only have limited tolerance for gore, can you tell me how much blood and gore is in the video before I watch? Thanks in advance.

    • if i recall correctly, there is very little visual carnage. it mainly just talks about how things used to be, but shows very little. the main focus is on people changing and reflecting from what i remember.

      in friendship,


  • I wonder why that video has only 3000 views. 

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