Hi everyone I hope you're staying safe and your raw food journeys are going well!

Having been vegan for coming up to 6 years now, I don't crave anyone's flesh. However I do enjoy Yves nuggets and my tastebuds have been overloaded!

Besides needing to carb way up (on it), what's a good whole raw food alternative when you're craving something processed + savoury, instead of say... nuggets;)?

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  • I've seen some raw nuggets on YouTube. Just search up raw nuggets and you'll find some. But be aware it looks like a lot of work for something kinda weird lol 

  • Hey Mia, if you have a dehydrator then maybe you could try cauliflower bites? Chop it up into small pieces, marinade the pieces then pop them in the dehydrator. There will be recipes online for exact measurements but I've tried the vegan version by using an oven and I ate a whole head of cauliflower! My dehydrator is too small to do the raw vegan version :( 


    • That's a great idea thank you Asheena! I will definitely be eating a whole head too😂

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