• I love chippies and chili sauce! 
    However, today with organic carrots .99 a bag. 
    This recipe for roasted carrots is amazing! 
    AMAZING. CARROTS. (the orange and lemon while baking is optional in my opinion) 
    The trick is to parboil, add rub, then bake. 

  • Oh oops! Sorry about that. You could probably look some up online or check some grocery stores in your area. Another idea would be going to an Ethnic store/International food store and get some for cheap and possibly better quality.

  • I just buy curry powder from Winco from their bulk bin..not sure if it has a brand. Will have to check eventually.

    • Just made some with curry powder and they are delicious! However, mom said the smell of the curry is getting to her (because I'm baking their oil laden frozen fries which is also adding to the smell). XD if she lived in an Indian restaurant, her nose couldn't take it I bet.

  • I usually just cut them into wedges, put them on parchment paper, and bake at 400 F. But recently I started boiling them with spices for about ten minutes and then baking them. Curry fries are my new favorite (:

    • I recently started cutting mine into mini wedges (long potato wedegs and then cut those in half) and they're so good. Can just pop them into my mouth since they're smaller pieces. I have some curry powder I need to use up so curry fries sound delicious. Do you cover them when you boil them? or just boil them without it? 

  • i like the recipes on

  • I love that one too! i feel though, that my potatoes are really dry, i guess water would help with that but any suggestions?

    •  spray water from spray- bottle right onto chips in oven few times during cooking

  • here's one:

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