Coconut water

I hate to sound like a walking advertisement here, but that's what I'm going to do: 
I am so stoked: I just found raw, organic young coconutwater in cartons at a health food shop. As I live in Norway, fresh, young, organic coconuts are impossible to come by, and if so, VERY expensive. I bought the entire lot and have asked them to order more. I love this stuff:
- It tastes super yummy.
- One carton (500 mls) contain my daily serving of sodium, which means it's buh-bye to the green juice preparation and clean up (at least 4 days a week) lol.
- It also contains a lot of calcium, magnesium, vitamin B2 and the list goes on. 

(I got the pure coconut water).

THIS is what ultra marathon runners should be drinking during their races. :)

I can't wait to get to Thailand and get a taste of the real thing straight out of a coconut. 


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  • i feel ya!  i'm drinking the organic harmless bottled ones for now.  are you still in norway?  are you looking to get into veganic permaculture off grid as well?  

  • i might have found something similar... hooorah for coconut water!
  • My guess is like the "raw" jared almond butter that is shelf stable for years, this is just as legitimately raw. I've worked for a raw food company and know about the truth to the labels/claims. Even so, I would get it if it was available here as a sports drink.
    • I know it's not ideal, but I believe it's the next best thing: Especially when living in Norway. :) This is no rawmagicpotion, but it sure tastes great!
  • Unfortunately, not available in US. Looks like EU only.
    • That sucks... But in the US it's easier to get FRESH young coconuts, yes? That would be even better!
      • Most here have been treated with fungacide.
  • great find! thats awesome.
    • Thanks, Ashley! :)
  • Congrats on the wonderful find! ENJOY :)
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