Convincing Food That Lasts?

No, I don't mean talking to my fruit. ;) Though I do that, too. But I'm sure it already knows it's delicious. Uhm, anyway.


My new schedule has me out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But unfortunately, in this new situation, I have to "keep up appearances" due to public exposure in a professional setting, yikes. For breakfast, grabbing some dates at home or making a smoothie is simple, but what can I do for both lunch and dinner? I need something that will last in a purse or bag for 4-8 hours, that also looks convincingly like normal people food groups. Sigh. Other than pasta with a LOT of dates in the sauce for calories, what can I do? Burritos don't seem to look convincing enough...:(


The food can definitely look super-healthy, that's not the problem. :) It just has to look like a "normal' dish, ack. And not melt in the heat.

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