Cooked Fruitarian for a Friend?

Hi all! :)


One of my close friends wants to transition to a fruitarian diet. She has health and moral (vegan) reasons for doing so, and will be eating fresh raw greens, of course. But...she has oral allergy syndrome, which applies to basically EVERY fruit for her case. :( She's asked me if there may be any negative health effects to consuming a cooked fruitarian diet (with plenty of raw greens and salads, of course) vs. a cooked McDougall diet vs. a raw fruitarian diet vs. a raw non-811 diet. Basically, since she has horrible reactions to raw fruit, what's the next best alternative? Cooked fruit doesn't give her problems, but I'm not sure if that'd be the best idea...

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  • Haha, that's exactly what I was thinking. I mean, baked apples every once in a while is one thing, but cooking 3000 calories of fruit is disgusting to me, now!


    This sounds reasonable, hopefully she will like it!

    • Well just the same I don't know about 1500 much less 3000 cal of cooked potato/sweet potato without seasonings...
  • Has she tried eating organic fruit? If she hasn't it might be the pesticides.
    • Yep, she has. It's an oral allergy syndrome, since she has quite a few allergies during the growing seasons for fruits and flowers. I don't think she has reactions to most pesticides, but since I do, she's quite fortunate at least in that!
  • Thanks. :) I did assume something akin to the McDougall diet would be best. Should she bother with adding cooked fruit at all, or just avoid it? I'm wondering how much cooking would lower the nutrients in the fruit, but she'd probably be happier just eating starchy food > cooked mushy fruit diet. ;P


    I don't get it either! It made me very sad, since I had no idea until we got into a discussion about my diet. :(

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