hi as freelee stated eating fruits after a cooked meal will cause indigestion and fermentation and is bad for the body, but how long after eating a cooked meal could we have fruits again? 4 hours? or how long? 


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  • thanks everyone

  • For potatoes, I'd say only 2 hours; grains 2 1/2.  I also think tomatoes are ok on top of those meals since they're low-calorie.  It's a good place to squeeze in your "tomato-jones".

  • This would highly depend on what cooked food you consume. But plain grains/potatoes, along with nuts/seeds take 4-6 hours to leave the stomach into the small intestine. Adding beans/tomato based condiments/vegetables makes it slightly longer. I'd push down the cooked meal as later as you can in the day, so you will have plenty of time to consume more fresh fruits and vegetables. Transit time out of the stomach for fruit is .5 (melons)-2 hours (dried fruit).

    Keeping in mind that consuming large amounts of insoluble fiber in a sitting of starch, expecting some fermentation/indigestion in your colon is completely normal. Keeping yourself hydrated and relaxed emotionally (stress impacts digestion significantly) well before might reduce this, as your last meal will more than likely require A LOT more water to assimilate than fruit/veg.

  • 4 hours should be fine!

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