Cucumber? tasteful ?


Can you render tasteful a cucumber for the people who do not like the plain cucumber?

Like if you do low fat(high carb) raw vegan pizza(no spices except fresh herbs), if you mix the toppings  tomatoes, red bell peppers,cucumber + tomate sauce(without added salt , without sun-dried tomates with salt)? will it  be tasteful the mix of toppings for the people that don't like plain cucumber usually?

 or would you suggest to simply remove the cucumbers from the toppings? because you dont know any way to render cucumber tasteful for the people that dont like the cucumbers

Thank you:)

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  • Why would you want to eat cucumbers if you don't like them? There are so many other fruits and veggies out there :) You don't have to put cucumbers on your pizza if you don't want to :)

    • I try to find other fruit-vegetable beside tomato and bell pepper to add on my pizza.

       but this pizza is not for me.. its my not-raw guests..

      I need to select the most commonly tasteful fruit-vegetables that all the people should like... Like a recipe fro all the people and that will suit the taste of majority of my not-raw guests.

      thank you

  • Hi

    I tested to marinate overnight  cucumber..
     marinara = just tomato blended

    It gives  a  back taste   of tomato to the cucumbers..

    I  prick the slices of my cucumbers with small holes.

    I gave this to not raw person... She told me.. it was good taste and no Burp effect. Easier to digest than regular fresh cucumber.. Its probably associated with lacto-fermentation overnight during marinating time.

    Finally I decided to avoid to add cucumber to my raw pizza..  I need a recipe that will satisfy  almost all the people not raw.  cucumber is too uncommon  for this

    If some people are interested to get my recipe.. pm me.   but I still don't finish this recipe. Im in process to create this recipe.. It  will 100% fruit recipe....   the only ingredient that is not a fruit will be spinach. no nuts no seeds..:)

    :)love-energy  be your guide

  • I personally do not like them or eat cucmbers...dont like the smell, taste, and they give me a stomach ache.  :) 

    It sounds cliche...but find the match that you like.  It seems like you have other tasty ideas for your pizza. 

    I eat a high raw diet and have found more satisfaction in nutrient dense fruits like oranges. 

    Peace, PK

  • Cucumber would be an unusual topping for a pizza.  I'd just hold it or replace it with zucchini.

    • I got an idea... If I would marinate cucumber in lemon juice + tomate sauce+ herbs ? would it render cucumber tasteful addon to pizza?

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