Currant smoothie?

Dehydrated fruit is sub-optimal, but in situations where fresh is unobtainable dried will have to do. To improve it, make it into smoothies.
So, has anyone made a currant, sultana, or raisons smoothie? I ask to see if there's anything wrong with the idea, as I've not done it before. Silly question, as I could just make one myself. However, I'm two weeks into a water fast, and will be doing Banana Island afterwards, so now isn't the best time for me to try it myself.  Is it just like a datorade, or is it an unworkable idea?



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  • I haven't made it, but sounds like good idea when we don't have a lot of fresh fruit. I would soak the dried fruit first until they rehidrate and then blend them. Could be good with bananas or berries as well :)

    Also, great job on the water fast! I would suggest to break it with something more water rich though, for a few days at least. Or get the bananas super super ripe. 

    • Thanks. You were right about breaking the fast with a more water-rich food. Breaking it with bananas was, for me at least, a very bad idea. It was like trying to digest/get energy from a brick. Luckily, I had a few apples, which gave me some energy. Lesson learned.

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