Howdy folks, I have hit a point in my life that I realize something must change. For background I have battled addiction through my early adult life and now have many years without drug use. Through the defeat of one demon came another and I realize my health has suffered. Although I do have great things going on in my life now like being at the homestretch of finishing my degree and teaching credential there are other things that suffered I gained 65 pounds in the past 5 years (15 has been lost since the tail end) and I cant even run a half mile without having to stop. I just don’t want to be defeated by poor dietary and life choices. Also, I transferred to CSUN (a university) during the pandemic and therefore have not had opportunity to meet peers in my area that I can just enjoy life with. So while I am using this period of isolation to better myself now I would like to find people to add in my corner and people I can support as well.


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  • Hi Aaron!  

    Feel free to add me as a friend on this site.  Are you doing Raw Till 4?  Let's encourage each other to be healthy.  


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