hello everybody,

i'm super happy and excited about the revival of this webpage, it's so important for the frugivore community worldwide.

myself, i'm 28, from Israel. been on the wagon (to varying extents) for 8 years now.

living in Israel has always challenged me, nutriotionally speaking.

getting my hands on high quality fruits felt like a constant struggle, as i was nevet able to get the amount and quality needed in order to thrive in this lifestyle consistently.

3 years ago i returned to israel from another trip to a wonderful fruit destination (far north queensland, australia), with the intention to find my way to live here harmonically and healtfuly. 

3 years later, i feel like i've given up on that. it's too hard to attain it here.


after couple of years of contemplating about it, i've finally booked a ticket to Ecuador.

i've been following Terra Frutis (https://www.terrafrutis.com/) and Fruit-Haven (https://www.fruithavenecovillage.com/) from long distance for couple of years now,

and finally i've made the decision to go and test the water myself.

living with like minded frugivores, growing my own food, eating fruits straight from the trees, and living happily and freely as possible is a dream for me,

and i believe that traveling to there is a huge milestone in the journey of fulfilling it.


so, please join me!

i think that an abundance of like minded ppl will allow us to live our best lives!


write me here, message me privately (here or on my FB page), or whatever.


hope to see you there!




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  • I'm already at Terra Frutis, so I'll see you here ;)

  •  Hi Yotam,

    this sounds like an absolute dream and I have been dreaming of doing something similar around that area!
    I wish you all the best and please keep us updated on your journey. I just might join later! Just saving some more money still.
    I think it is so important we become more self sufficient and stay outside of the cities. Especially after all this craziness. When are you leaving? Is it possible to travel there now?


  • Shalom, Yotam.

    I'm from Argentina, but I lived in Israel for about 5 years. I went vegan in 2011, and stayed in Israel from 2013-2014 already as a high fruit vegan.

    To be honest, I think Israel is a paradise for a fruitarian. I don't really understand people who complain about it! Fruit is pretty cheap, there is an amazing variety and most of it is high quality.

    In 2013-2014 I lived in Sderot and I would buy most of the produce in the local shuk, but also from the supermarkets.

    I remember living off of persimmons, bananas and dates during autumn/winter (I would buy bananas as cheap as 3 kg for 10 shekels), persimmons for ~6-8 shekels / kilo and boxes of 1 kg of medjool dates for 20-30 shekels.

    In summer, I would eat tons of watermelon (1-3 shekels per kilo), cantaloupes, mangoes, peaches, figs, grapes, nectarines, plums, etc.

    I would also buy more expensive fruits sometimes, like cherimoyas, dragonfruit, etc., as a treat.

    I don't know if much changed in the last few years, but again, until 2014 it was a paradise.

    I still eat a fruit based diet here in Argentina, although it's 10 times harder than in Israel. Everything is very expensive and there is very little variety.

    I'm actually thinking in moving back to Israel around April!

    Anyway, your decision of going to the tropics sounds awesome! I wish you the best!

    • Hi Martin - I was in Buenos Aires last summer and I couldn't believe the lack of variety in the verdulerias. I thought Argentina would be rife with exotic fruits. Sad lesson learned!

      • Right? It sucks! It's only decent during the summer, but the rest of the year is mostly bananas, apples, citrus fruit, pears and not much more.

        Israel, on the other hand, it's a paradise! I can't believe in such a small country you can find so much variety, even in tropical fruit.

  • what an awesome adventure! i follow peter and jason's community on YT and insta and it's amazing what they are creating. wishing u all the best how exciting for you 🤩 

    • Thanks Freelee!

      they are a true pioneers, it's so inspiring!

      i truly hope that in the near future will begin to hear of such communities pop up, like mushrooms after the rain. the world NEEDS it, and us to create those heavens on earth.

      i'm curious to hear of your experience in Ecuador - how'd you like it there? how was the fruits quality?

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