Hi all
Just reaching out to ask if anyone living up north Australian tropics would be interested and would be open to sending tropical fruit to me? (I would buy it of cos) Or you may know a farmer who could be willing to sell and post to me.
I live in Gosford NSW on the central coast and Fruit down here can be quite terrible at times i don’t know if it’s just down to Covid or just in between seasons but lately even half decant fruit is hard too find and ita all just meant to pretty up people’s fruit bowels LOL. Oranges from a local farmer have been amazing getting me through but after 60 days eating only oranges, It's time to get in other fruit.
I think 5 - 10kg can go through the post fine. I will of cos cover packing costs and price of fruit on top etc.
It seems no fruit shops near me wants to get in anything out of the norm atm i can’t travel with lockdown I’m desperate for the good stuff lol jackfruit, mangosteen, sapodilla, Cempedak, black sapote, decent papaya or even drinking coconuts would be great as all i can find are imported and im sure they undergo some nasty treatments so i stay away from them.

Anyways would love to hear back if anyone willing to give it a try.

Cheers Ryan

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