Detox for Black Stool + BO?

I've recently developed black stool with obvious blood present, that has been going on for a week regardless of which fruits (and only fruits, sometimes with greens to no effect) I eat. I do not eat anything that might cause the black stools, such as blueberries or kiwi or beets. Although previously I ate citrus fruits, I have limited them now to no effect.


To me, this points to some ulcer or gastritis or colitis, and I'm wondering if there is a detox way to get rid of it? I prefer not fasting, because I just don't consider it wise for me at this point in time.


I have also developed a horrible sickly body odor that smells something like acidic fecal matter.  It reasserts itself within 10 minutes of showering with anything from chemical products that are very strong in cleaning ability to natural soaps to tons of baking soda. Although it is not that strong to me, people cannot tolerate it, and cover their noses and gag around me. It is terrible to be in this situation, and I'm sorry to have to put others through it and ostracize people. It may be common with ulcers, but I would like help in clearing the underlying cause and the symptoms, please. :(


My diet for the past 12 months has been 100% with the rare exception I can't even remember now. In the past 3 months I have definitely been 100% with no exceptions, aside from a week of frozen blanched veggies.

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  • Hey Moiraine


    This doesn't sound right. Have you ever experienced this before? What are your bowel movements like normally? How many times per day do you go? What is the quality like? Well formed, large, full, easy to pass and odourless?


    Black stools and blood even on their own are not positive signs and certainly not something you could 'detox' to get rid of.


    What are you actually eating? What foods specifically? Talk us through your day.


    Personally, if you have never experienced this before and there is obvious blood present, I think you should get an appointment with the GP as soon as possible to get some tests done. If the blood loss is significant and consistent, I would say forget the doctor and go to a hospital.


    Take care


    Adam x

    • My stools are normally well formed, relatively large/medium, very easy to pass, and either odorless or with the unmistakable odor of the fruit/greens I'm eating. I go after every meal (twice) or once per day, depending on what I'm eating, again. I've never experienced this before, no. :/


      Thank you for telling me that. I seriously hope the treatment won't have to involve either antiobiotics or an endoscopy, however.


      Here is an example of my recent days:


      8-9 lbs. fresh oranges

      Large salad with romaine lettuce, celery, cucumbers, zucchini, yellow summer squash, and freshly just-squeezed-from-my-fresh-oranges orange juice


      2 large honeydew melons

      8 regular green, yellow, red mangoes

      8 large red/green apples


      Sometimes I also eat grapes, which are green or purple, which has never previously affected stool colors. Other times I eat non-optimal dates or Barhi dates, but haven't been doing this for the days I've been experiencing this situation. Sometimes I eat more greens and fewer citrus fruits, or etc., but this never previously affected stool color at all, either. However, I have been limiting citrus fruits just in case there is an irritation issue with my stomach lining. :/


      It's not consistent in the sense of pouring out of me, but the black stool has been going on consistently, with an odor, I should mention, like one of dead or rotting fish. Hopefully it's nothing too serious. :( I'm very worried about a potential serious diagnosis, but will definitely see a GP as early as I can schedule it next week.


      Thank you so much!




  • So we can help you better, could you answer the following:


    * How long have you been 100% low fat raw vegan?
    * When did you last have cooked food?
    * [for the past month] How much water do you drink a day? Are you peeing clear?
    * [for the past month] How much exercise do you get?
    * [for the past month] When do you go to bed? How many hours do you sleep each night?
    * [for the past month] How much sunshine do you get?
    * What is your past health history?

    • 1. 12 months, with rare exceptions of certain steamed dates or other minor offenses.

      2. First week of June, but they were just blanched frozen veggies like squash and peas.

      3. 4-5 L, yes.

      4. 1 hour/day 6 days/week, running and cycling.

      5. Variable because of my schedules, but I get an average of 6-8/night per week, and this is normal for me. I can't sleep more than this, and normally never have.

      6. 3 hours/day min.

      7. Low B12, possible low sodium

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