Detox symptoms?

Hello all!

I have been vegan for many years now. I've never been fully raw but recently I have been eating more raw til 4 with lots of fruit throughout the day. 
Often after eating a mono meal of fruit, I feel this weird tightness discomfort in my chest and belly. It's hard to describe the feeling. This feeling only happens when I eat mono meals of fruit but it doesn't happen every time. I can't find anything talking about this on the internet as there are so few places that even discuss eating fruits in large amounts. 
Anyways, I keep thinking these sensations might be detox symptoms as I still do eat some processed vegan food here and there. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced these sensations going higher raw? 

thanks all, love being here! 

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  • I found this when mono meals were in the acid grouping, citrus, pinapple etc. If i'm mono mealing citrus for example, or pinapple, I tend to graze at it over the course of at least 30 minutes to an hour. This has really has reduced discomfort in my stomach or acid reflux from happenng. That being said, I've found these mono-meals so awesome while i'm at work because i can just prep a bunch of fruit into bite sized chunks and eat with a fork while i'm still working and usually take the full hour to finish at my leisure. I get more energy and feel satiated but i'm not rushing through the meal. 
    When mono mealing melon though I tend to find myself eating until i'm full without discomfort. Such an awesome start to the day. 

  • maybe it is specific fruits and/or their varying degrees of ripeness that makes a difference for you here, since you say it's not at every fruit meal.

    litte details given so hard to help you out here.

    the stomach and the large intestines are at some points in the body very close to the chest area and also partially covered by the ribbs so maybe it's not chest pain but pain in those areas, have a look at a anatomy chart and you will see. it's very hard for me to describe the organ location so don't take my word for it here.


    • Yeah thank you I never even considered that ripeness would be causing that

  •  That's happened to me on supermarket watermelon, but in fairness I wasn't 100% raw.  Is it quality ripe fruit?

  • I know exactly what you are talking about. Every now and then I get this after a very big mono-meal of watermelon. I have no clue what it is but have considered that I have just overloaded my tummy and the digestive juices can't keep up?? I drink a little water and the feeling goes away within a couple minutes. It's not nice tho hey!? Luckily I only get it rarely. Hope others can help you work out what this is... <3 

    • The way you described it sounds like heartburn, stomach acid coming back up the esophagus, can happen when the stomach is over full or when you've eaten acidic food, especially as you said you can relieve it by drinking some water. I occasionally get heartburn after lots of fruit and no one ever talks about this

    • good to know I'm not the only one experiencing this, at least! I'll definitely try drinking some water after the meal if I experience it again. thanks! :)

    • I definitely know it's not food combining for me as I am very careful with that and only eat watermelon first, never after anything else and have practiced careful food combining for years. 

  • Hey! I would say it's definitely a sort of clash between fresh fruit and processed food in your intestines. Try switching to whole veggie meals if you're still eating cooked, you could steam them or bake them and add fresh salad. It should even out after several days. Belly massage could also be beneficial :) 

    • What made you come to that conclusion? Like how can a 'clash' as you put it- in your intestines lead to a tight chest?

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