Do people age faster on high fruit diet?

I was watching some random youtube videos on raw food diet. Some people claim one can age faster (or they did) on high fruit diet and were recommending a diet high on greens and sprouts. They were quoting Hippocrates health institute for reference.


I'm wondering if there is any truth to this

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  • It´s a complicated subject but in my opinion is more important to go be how you feel than by how you look! There is also many examples of people that look very young on a raw vegan diet (Lou Corona - Annette Larkins - Karyn Calabrese and others). Like Nicole said people that are leaner usually look older and have more wrinkles, also many don´t include many leafy greens, sprouts and other vegetables, eating exclusively fruit can have that effect as well, but fruit will always be the most optimal food for the frugivore!

    In the end it will depend on the individual, and good quality fruits and veggies are always healthy! What i love the most about eating raw and high carb fruit is how it makes me feel

  • I've seen some people that looked younger eating raw vegan food, like Rae Vegan Rising on Youtube. He is 48 and looks like 28. 

  • I think people who eat cleaner are usually leaner. Having less fat plumping up your face can make you look older around your eyes cos there isn't the fat stores that weightier people have. I watch a lot of those really big people shows where they lose weight (cos I love seeing people get healthier and achieve their goals) and I see this often but it doesn't make them unhealthier! They all come off their medications for various health issues so they must be healthier...we're just used to seeing the pumped out baby face these days I think...

    Also I don't think there is anything wrong with adding tender leafy greens, some raw seaweed and sprouts in to your diet! If we were eating perfect organically grown freshly picked when ripe fruit we probably wouldn't need it but in this day and age with the pumped up commercially grown picked way too early fruit, we probs need all the help we can get! O_o 

    • That makes sense, thank you for taking the time to answer!

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