I'm going to be creating a master list of low fat raw vegan blogs/websites on therawbuzz.com to make it easier for people to find resources and hopefully, bring over some traffic to those websites. :) It'll be sorted by the websites main focus (ex, recipes, science, lifestyle)  it doesn't matter how large, or small it is. PLEASE POST IT HERE and write a little bit about your website. :) 


Your Website 

Category: Science, Recipes, Lifestyle, fitness, information

A little blurb about your website/Channel, anything you'd like to say about it.

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  • Here's mine: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfY3ezMo_2QUOt5zxmEXgxA

    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
  • I have one, its not that great. I write random things about my life. Not so exciting


    If your curious 

    A blog about a raw vegan college student making it out in Los Angeles a vegan girl who likes to run
  • Hey Heather! This is fantastic - thanks!
    I'm at http://amandafroelich.com & http://mandybloomsraw.com

    Facebook = http://www.facebook.com/MandyBloomsRaw

    & YouTube is https://www.youtube.com/user/RawSoccerStyle

    Category: Lifestyle, Travel, Recipes, People


    Encompassing articles that incorporate all facets of leading a healthy and vibrant life - http://amandafroelich.com shares personal journey, lifestyle tips, spiritual musings, and vegan inspiration to help you thrive on your journey. http://mandybloomsraw.com is a blog showcasing my (Amanda aka Mandy's) transitional and low-fat raw vegan recipes and more.

    YouTube videos reflect content (usually) on both websites and are intended to provide alternative information not readily available by the mass media and health professionals.


    Many blessings!



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  • I do :) 

    40 Below Fruity


    Category: Lifestyle, Fitness, Raw foods, Inspiration, Cold climate raw living, recipes

    Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/40BelowFruity?feature=mhee

    My website is about living a low fat raw vegan lifestyle in cold, isolated, or extreme climates. I provide information and motivation for those who are have trouble maintaining a healthy lifestyle in Northern Climates.  I write and speak about my past 5 years of experience on a raw diet as well as the past 3 years living a low fat raw vegan lifestyle, having overcome acne, lost 35lbs and experienced a huge surge in energy and vitality. 

  • http://pearfromanywhere.blogspot.com

    You find on my blog raw recipes, all kind of informations and a bit from my philosophical thoughts ;)

  • Eating Like Orangutans!


    Category: Raw Recipes, HCRV Lifestyle, Family, Homebirth, Pregnancy, Midwifery

    The last two years have been both amazing and challenging for my husband and I. From going vegan, to finding out we were pregnant, to marriage, the birth of our daughter, and graduation from midwifery school, Nick and I have had quite an adventure! Starting tomorrow, we will be going 100% raw vegan once again (we are currently HCCV), and in celebration, I've decided to start chronicling our new journey! Subscribe to my blog "Eating Like Orangutans!" to read about raw veganism and nutrition, pregnancy, homebirth, and midwifery, yoga, gardening, and family life in the Florida sunshine. :-)

    Disclaimer: I'm a breastfeeding mother. It's part of my daily life, and therefore, I will share tasteful photos of my daughter breastfeeding from time to time. Ariana's birth story is also featured on my blog and contains some nude photos that were taken during labor and postpartum (no actual birth photos).

  • Hi, I recently started a page to give simple ideas to eat more fruits and vegetables. Although it's vegan and low fat still has some cook food, so in case your page features fb pages like this, this is my page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fruity-Vegetalleza/534089679943871  Thank you! :)

  • Personal Blog: www.livingonfruit.blogspot.com

    Official Website (Still working on ) www.fruitarianforlife.com

    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fruitarian-for-Life/302283146528663?...

    E-Guide: LET THE FRUIT TIMES ROLL I developed to inspire others with my story which includes my fitness plan and a section to guide you on the raw path: http://www.fruitarianforlife.com/shop/

    Category: Fruitarian Lifestyle South-Africa

    Fruitarian for Life Julie Groenewald - Fruitarian Pioneer from South-Africa.

    4 Years following a high fruit diet, transitioning to raw fruitarian lifestyle.

    Purpose: Inspiring, sharing information around the world, helping others to reach their full potential. 

    I lost 24kg in total on this path. Long term health and fitness followed. Love sharing this journey with others and see their lives change for the better :D

  • I just started my youtube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/user/bellaessentialliving

    Catagory youtube's: people, blogs

    I wanted to show other's our beautiful children because of our radical lifestyle.  I hope to make videos regarding health, based on our life and what we've done the hard way and how we've thrived on the easy way in all areas from spiritual to physical and mental.

  • Here is my Blog site, unitysolidarity.blogspot.com
    And my Youtube Channel is RainPachanko
    Pretty good stuff on there I do believe. Some songs, poetry, and other bits of writing on diet, lifestyle, and revolution. :)

    The Current Flow.
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