Hi everyone, I'm new and I've only been on this diet since after Thanksgiving. 

I was diagnosed with psychosis 3 years ago. Last week I ran out of meds for 3 days and nothing changed. The voices didn't get louder like it has before. I was fine. Last time this happened the voices were louder than I ever had them, but this time since being on the diet I was okay and I'm very happy about that. So it leaves me to ask, has anyone on this diet been able to recover from psychosis related illnesses and come off of medication and how long did it take? I'm on meds but I'm also on a supplementation program for about 6 months. I'm also wanting to see an integrative psychiatrist to ween me off of medication and possibly on to herbs as an alternative to the medication, but I would like to avoid having my parents spend anymore money on these things if the diet will be enough. Any input welcomed, thanks!

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  • Diet absolutely plays a role In mental health, But there are many other factors involved in managing mental health as well. Some other important factors include adequate sleep, reduced stress, a balance of rest and activity, meaningful relationships, a balance of positive sociallizazation  and quality alone time, healthy strategies for feeling/processing/expressing emotions, meditation/prayer, working with a therapist, journaling, art, alternative medicine such as massage/acupuncture/hypnosis......etc.... 

    medication is also one possible tool for managing mental health. People with mental illness require a combination of tools to manage their condition. Some people may be able to get off meds, and some people do better including meds. It really depends on the person. Psychosis can be a symptom of a verity of different mental illnesses. I don't know you or your history. So I don't know what is best for you. 
    my suggestion is make a little of all the pros and cons of your medication. Bring this to your psychiatrist to discuss. Don't stop messing your own. Work closely with your psychiatrist to wean off of them. Let people close to you know you are making adjustments to mess and ask them to pay attention to any changes in your mood or behavior. It can be hard to be objective with one's self, so having help from others is important. 

    • Thanks for responding. These are some of the same things my husband tells me. :)

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