don't know what to do anymore; tired of weight gain

i just want to show you all pictures of my transformation on this diet from the past year and a half (almost) 


I was the girl on the right in the black pants with skinny legs and a fairly thin build. now while i got there by extreme calorie restriction, over exercising, and what felt like torturing myself sometimes, that is what i want to look like. i want that thin build again so badly i would do nearly anything. now today Im the girl in the middle in the black yoga pants, and olive green top with a scarf. I miss my old body so badly. And I really have been trying to not think about the weight gain, and focus on getting enough sleep, calories, and exercise and trying to not be stressed out. but i went from a 00 to a size 10 in pants and thats so embarrassing. i miss wearing black skinny jeans and knee high boots but don't have a pair that fit anymore cause my calfs are too big i guess. anyway if you've read this far if you have any advice i would take it at this point. while i am more comfortable with who i am, and sleep better, and better skin, hair and nails and a lot of other things i wish my weight could balance out so badly 8191779683?profile=original

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  • I think you look absolutely stunning NOW!! So beautiful and radiant. Better than the first photo. If you are feeling great, don't give up. Try to change your mindset, and any extra weight (if there is any, which I really can't see any at ALL) should fall off eventually.

  • ashlee thank you for all of your help!!! 

  • thank you alice for the lovely words!! (:

  • dont eat any latter than 3-4 hours prior to sleeping at night - always eat breakfast on waking as your glycogen levels in your liver will be low and the first meal on waking sets you up for a fat or skinny day in relation to your metabolism.

  • Hi dear. I see you around alot, depressed about your weight. I can't recall if you are 100% raw. If not, I adamantly suggest you do so. Something cooked may be preventing your healing. 
    An important part of weight loss is letting go of your emotional baggage. Cry if you have to. Go on nice relaxing walks, admire the trees and birds, the simple sounds of nature, clouds. Don't let your negative thoughts creep up. Heal your mind and your body will pick up on this. In this vanity obsessed culture, I see why you could be upset, but this is not the end of the world. The end of the world would be your health severely declining and you dying, correct? What is most important is your health and wellness. You are very young, like myself, so we must appreciate that. In 5 years I know you will wish that you had just quieted your mind at this time and released and surrendered while your body caught up to its goal (weight loss). I cannot speak from experience because I have not been heavy, but I Have been anxious and insecure, but this has slowly flaked away from appreciating nature and its endless bounty, mainly being the nourishment. Look for nourishment in all ways of your life. Sing some songs and don't worry about how you sound! Do what you like to do. Try to get away from the social norms like shopping for the next cute outfit and how you'll look in it. Find in your heart what truly matters. The answer is already within you and you know what they are. Be well and keep BREATHING.. (there's a hint for you. Learn how.) Namaste xo

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