Dr G on fruitrianism...

I came across this article when browsing FoodnSport and it really hits home for me:

When health problems finally do hit overzealous frutarians, they often respond to the problem by eating more fruit.


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  • Great article. Thanks for sharing, Kristina!
  • Omega-3's also reported to reduce soreness and inflammation from exercise . One of the trials added an extra 1.8g per day to test.
  • As it happens the only thing on my cronometer for today so far is 2 cantaloupes and it has only provided 17% of my omega 3 needs
  • That's why you should eat a head of greens per day on average. Greens have heaps of omega 3 in them.
  • Will do, AM.
  • Rhythmic motion - i like that!!!!

    Get a rhythm to your movement today.
  • A good reminder from the Dougster.
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