dried fruits????

so i searched up and found that dried fruits (with no added ingredients) & fresh fruits have the same nutritional contents, so does the guideline of unlimited fruits apply to dried fruits as. well? (bc i couldnt stop eating them)ps. does anyone know any things that tastes like nuts bc once i love them but theyre so high in fat content

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  • dried fruit is fine, but fresh is always better! so unlimited fresh fruit - yes, unlimited dried fruit - no! 

    nuts are great - especially when in season fresh from the tree :) if you don't have access to fresh nuts then make sure to soak them!

  • I'd avoid any dried fruit that has been subjected to sulphur.

    • how do you know if the fruits are subjected to sulfur? does it list out in the ingredients of the packaging?

      • It may depend on the country's labeling laws to whether they list it or not, but generally golden raisins, dried peaches, apples and apricots use sulfur dioxide to keep them from turning brown.

        I think in the U.S. it needs to be labeled if it contains over 10 ppm.  Also I think if you buy organic, then they are not allowed to use it.

  • dried fruits are perfectly fine and are still considered just a normal fruit in the day. We buy dried pitted dates as dates can be very pricrjustnspak in water and woooo nearly as good as organic. With the fruits tasting like nuts I have no clue tbh but if your body is telling you that you crave fats, nuts will not do any harm as you are listening to what your body needs xxx
    • thankyou!

    • that weird word was meant to be pricy, some how autocorrect changed it to that funky word lmao
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